Meet our Team:

For our Future Guests:

Visit our property page for our vast selection of luxury homes. We can cater from 2 to 16 people in any party and have many homes either next to each other or close by. Be assured of our commitment to your needs and services. Speak to one of our reservation staff who will be happy to assist you.


For our home owners:

Florida Dream Management Company is a Property Management Company in the Kissimmee, Davenport, Clermont, Orlando and Disney area and will tailor its services to suit your needs, making sure you have satisfied guests that will return again and again, spreading the word amongst their friends of what an excellent holiday experience they have had.

Whether you rent your home out or not, our property management company will ensure you will arrive in Florida knowing that your vacation home or villa has been well maintained in your absence.

Owning a holiday, or second home in Florida should be a dream come true, and the Florida Dream Management Company services team would like to help make that dream problem free. We offer a full Property Management package. We want to make sure your home receives the best possible care and attention so you can be assured that your home is secure and in safe hands, and that your guests leave with only the utmost praise for both your home and our property services. We are proud to offer property management in Florida and our property management solutions. Which means if they are happy then you are happy and so are we. We can also provide bookings for your home. This site and others we have, have a good track record for attracting clients. Millions of people visit Orlando every year, let us help them get into your home.

We offer property management support to your guests 24 hours a day. We pride ourselves in our response times we have to your guests. Including out of hours. Out of hours is an important part of management services. Things break down and problems arise. Can your guests get hold of someone for what is an emergency to them. It may be just a lost key or a plumbing problem. How it is dealt with will decide if your guests want to return. Don’t get caught out with a company that closes for the evening and weekend’s. We understand the need to be available 24 hours a day.

We are a family run business whose aims are to provide exceptional service. We are not a franchise nor are we part of some big corporation. We are a family concern and we offer that personal touch. So if you have a home in Kissimmee Florida, Davenport and South Clermont, contact us.

We always answer the telephone 24hrs a day. We do not use call centers.

If your home is managed by another company and have a worry about it, give us a call. We are only to happy to help out. We have assisted quite a few owners with concerns they have had. Good advice is just a phone call or email away.

One of the most common comments we get from owners is in relation to charges.

Our policy is quite straight forward, your management fee covers call outs to your home, by us. No matter what the time of day and night. No ‘trip’ charge no hidden fees. We are always surprised by the number of companies that charge for going to an owners home. What surprises even more is the owners just accepting it!! Give us a call and see what you will really pay, month in and month out. Also please note, our management fee also covers air filters, standard batteries and bulbs. We really do try hard to save you money.

Our occupational license number’s are 99904 and 99700337